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2015 W.Va. Forest Products Industry Directory

Find contact and production information for W.Va. forest products companies. From consumer goods like customized furniture, mulch and log homes to commercial products like kiln-dried lumber and crossties, the new directory has the information you need to locate Genuine W.Va. wood products.

2015 WVFPI Directory

Company Listings by County

Commercial Products
Commercial products: Green lumber, kiln-dried lumber, sawmills, rustic rail fence, flooring, moulding/millwork, dimension lumber/parts, crossties, timbers, woodmats, pallets, boxes, crates, engineered/building products, cabinets, furniture, veneer, wood pellets, charcoal, export lumber, bark, sawdust and woodchips.

Consumer Products
Consumer products: Custom cabinets, custom furniture, portable mill/custom sawing, custom moulding/millwork/flooring, custom lumber, custom drying, custom wood treating, mulch and log homes.

Other Listings
Other products and services: Log yards, lumber yards, log buyers, pulpwood buyers, treating, log exporters and firewood.

Contact Information and Assistance Information

Searchable Forest Products Industry Database

A searchable forest products company database is available at

This on-line companion of the directory is maintained by the West Virginia Department of Commerce and West Virginia Division of Forestry. This website has additional information such as maps, direct links to websites, emails and further company information. Contact Greg Cook at (304)-558-2788 or
for further information.


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Industry Assistance

The wood industry of West Virginia generates $3.2 billion annually to the state's economy. This industry also employs more than 30,000 jobs in the Mountain State. Each of the state's 55 counties has some segment of the wood industry as an employer. The forest products sector is the largest employer in many of these counties.
The West Virginia Division of Forestry is responsible for providing technology transfer and expertise to start-up companies as well as existing businesses of wood manufacturing. This includes conducting resource analysis studies to ensure there is enough wood resources in an area before a company decides to expand. This helps reduce the chance of overproduction, which may lead to a company to go out of business. Marketing assistance is provided to help companies locate new markets for their products as well.
Wood products manufacturing businesses includes loggers, sawmills, dry kilns, rustic rail fence producers, veneer plants, furniture parts producers, kitchen cabinets and other wooden furniture.

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