Managed by the Division of Forestry

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| Calvin Price State Forest|
| Camp Creek State Forest|
| Coopers Rock State Forest|
| Greenbrier State Forest|
| Kumbrabow State Forest|
| Seneca State Forest|

| Guidelines to Managing WV's State Forests |

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| Glossary for State Forest Management Plans and Prescriptions |

As early as 1911, plans were made to establish State Forests in West Virginia. In 1927 a State Forest and Park Commission was created that consisted of the Governor, Commissioner of Agriculture, Director of Agricultural Extension, State Geologist and Executive Director of the Conservation Commission. Their duty was to determine the availability of land suitable to establish State Forests and Parks in the Mountain State.

The West Virginia Legislature mandates that the State Forests are an important resource for silvicultural and scientific research; developed and undeveloped outdoor recreation; propagation of forest trees, fish and wildlife; wildlife and fisheries management; aesthetic preservation; hunting and fishing; timber production; and demonstration of state-of-the-art forest management and therefore should be managed on a multiple-use basis. The policy of the Division of Forestry is to manage each State-owned Forest for multiple benefits while guarding that the Division's actions are ecologically responsible and economically viable.

The mission of the West Virginia Division of Forestry is to protect and manage all State Forest resources through partnerships emphasizing a stewardship ethic. Forests provide a multitude of benefits and are a source of emotional, spiritual, and financial well being for the population in general. These benefits have tangible and intangible values. It has been said that the quality of life for modern man is in direct proportion to the health, quality, and abundance of the forest resource.

The Division of Forestry's goal is to meet the needs of the present without compromising the future. Through public involvement, interagency cooperation, the practice of silviculture, and the implementation of a natural resources stewardship ethic, the Division of Forestry satisfies its legislative mandate to serve the many needs of various user interests.

West Virginia's Seven State Forests
Managed by the Division of Forestry

Coopers Rock - Located in Monongalia and Preston Counties
Coopers Rock State Forest

Calvin Price - Located in Pocahontas County
Calvin Price State Forest

Seneca - Also located in Pocahontas County
Seneca State Forest

Kumbrabow - Located in Randolph County
Kumbrabow State Forest

Cabwaylingo - Located primarily in Wayne County
Cabwaylingo State Forest

Camp Creek - Located in Mercer County
Camp Creek State Forest

Greenbrier - Located in Greenbrier County
Greenbrier State Forest

Take a Field Trip to a State Forest

Field trips to West Virginia's State Forests give students a chance to personally see how multiple use management practices create balance within the forest ecosystem.
To schedule a field trip to one of the state forests managed by the Division contact Travis Miller, State Lands Manager, at (304) 256-6775. You may also arrange a field trip through your WVDOF Regional Office.

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