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The Forest Stewardship Operating Plan is a document developed with the advice of professional foresters and designed to meet or exceed federal program requirements, while providing for the integration of economic stability, ecological sensitivity and societal needs in individual forest stewardship plans.

Appendix B WV Forest Stewardship Plan Application

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The West Virginia Forest Stewardship Program offers technical and financial assistance to private landowners interested in planning and managing their forestland for multiple-use benefits including; wood products, wildlife, recreation and aesthetics.

If you are a non-industrial private woodland owner with at least 10 acres of contiguous forestland in West Virginia you may be eligible for this program. The woodland being considered must be rural with existing tree cover or other woody vegetation, or suitable for growing such vegetation, and owned by an individual, group, association, private corporation or other legal private entity. The Forest Stewardship management plan will be written to help meet your forest management objectives for protecting and improving the forest resources on your land. The plan will include information on the current forest stand conditions as well as recommending future management activities based on your management goals. The plan may be diverse and contain recommendations to achieve numerous management objectives or may be oriented to achieve one main goal while still addressing other natural resource components.

The Forest Stewardship Management plan must be written by a public or private Stewardship certified professional forester or technician. Financial assistance may be available for those who wish to have a plan developed by a private consulting forester or technician. Eligible landowners may receive up to 75% of the cost of developing the plan for the forested acres of the property. Upon plan completion, approval by the Division of Forestry, and payment to consulting forester or technician, the landowner may then submit an invoice to the Division of Forestry for reimbursement.

For more information, please contact your local West Virginia Division of Forestry regional office or call 304-558-2788 and ask to speak with someone about enrolling your land in the Stewardship Program.

Landowners may enroll in the Program by completing

1) completing the Forest Stewardship Program Plan Application, the Vendor Registration and Disclosure Statement form, and the W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification form
2) selecting a private or public certified professional Forest Stewardship forester or technician,
3) submitting the application, vendor registration, and W-9 to the Division of Forestry.

Landowners must receive written approval from the Division of Forestry prior to beginning any field work.

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