Big Tree Program Big Trees in Public Areas

Public Assessable Big Trees of West Virginia

The largest tree known to the West Virginia Division of Forestry is an American Sycamore near Viola, Marshall County. This Tree is alongside of CR 15/1 about ½ mile downstream of a bridge over Wheeling Creek and at the intersection of CR 15 and Cr 15/1 marked by signage along the road.  Below are some other notable registered Big Trees that are accessible to the public.

Division of Forestry – Region 1

  • Core Arboretum – West Virginia University, Evansdale Campus, Morgantown, Monongalia County
    Scarlet Oak – Tree located on southside of Strausbaugh Trail.
    Other registered trees on site include Ohio Buckeye, Horse Chestnut, Mockernut Hickory, Dwarf Hackberry, Yellowood, Bear Oak and Table Mountain Pine.
  • McGrew House – Along Main Street, Kingwood, Preston County
    European Larch – Tree adjoins Main Street and is on a brochure.
    Other registered trees on site include: Yellowwood, European Beech, Bigleaf Magnolia and Tiger-tail Spruce.

Division of Forestry – Region 2 

  • Morgan Grove Park, Near Shepherdstown, Jefferson County
    Green Ash tree is at edge of parking area near restrooms.
    Another registered tree on site is a Pecan.
  • City of Petersburg, Petersburg, Grant County
    Eastern Cottonwood Tree is near city Water plant. It between the foot of levee and small stream.

Division of Forestry – Region 3

  • Carnifex Ferry Battlefield State Park, Keslers Cross Lanes, Nicholas County
    Black Birch about ½ mile down Pierson Hollow Trail near a bench and small bridge.
    Another registered tree on site is an Eastern Hemlock.
  • Gaudineer Scenic Area, Monongahela National Forest, near Durbin, Pocahontas County.
    Yellow Birch- adjacent to loop trail and to the right when walking counterclockwise.
    Other registered trees on site include Striped Maple and Red Spruce.

Division of Forestry – Region 4

  • General Lewis Inn Lewisburg, Greenbrier County
    Yellow Buckeye in front yard of General Lewis Inn along US 60
  • Greenbrier State Forest – Near White Sulphur Springs, Greenbrier County
    Eastern White Pine – Tree located between cabins 8 and 9.

Division of Forestry – Region-5

  • Spring Hill Cemetery, Charleston, Kanawha County
    Shortleaf Pine- Brawley-section C.
    Other registered trees on site include White Fringe Tree, Southern Red Oak, Post Oak and Sawara False Cypress.
  • Sunrise Carriage Trail, Charleston, Kanawha County
    American Beech – Tree is to right of first switchback walking uphill.
    Another registered tree on site is a Yellow Buckeye.

Division of Forestry – Region 6

  • Blennerhasset Island State Historical Park, Parkersburg, Wood County
    Black Walnut- To right of pathway leading from the ferry landing as one nears the Mansion.
    Other registered trees on site are Pawpaws.
  • North Bend State Park near Cairo, Ritchie County
    Registered tree includes a Sycamore along the Nature Trail and North Fork of the Hughes River. Other registered trees include Eastern White Pine, Cucumber-tree, Black Oak and Shortleaf pine.

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The West Virginia Division of Forestry is committed to protecting, nurturing, sustaining, and promoting the wise utilization of our state’s forest resources.


Established in 1909, as a declaration of the state government for the need of forest protection and research, the West Virginia Division of Forestry protects and conserves the state’s forest resources.