Project Learning Tree Program

Engage. Educate. Inspire.

West Virginia has successfully utilized Project Learning Tree within classrooms and group settings since 1976. Project Learning Tree is a nationwide award-winning environmental education program that acts as a “window to the world” to engage children in learning – both inside and outside. Designed for teachers, educators, parents and other community leaders, this program provides professional training, integrated lesson plans and a variety of resources.

Individuals participating in Project Learning Tree are professionally trained in effective and engaging methods for teaching youth about the world around them and their place within it.

Children from preschool through 12th grade benefit from the hands-on learning that helps them excel in reading, writing, math, science and social studies. Students gain awareness of their surroundings. They learn to think critically and responsibly, and they learn to respect the opportunities our trees and forests provide, as well as the protection they require.


Attend a Training

PLT trainings are available in person or online. Led by trained PLT facilitators, this high-quality professional development provides interactive trainings customized for individual grade levels, topics and even state specific issues.

Educator Resources

Project Learning Tree develops quality hands-on lessons that are aligned with state and national academic standards. Explore an example lesson plan as well as additional links to resources for your educational goals.

Facilitators Resources

Our trained facilitators make the program possible and continually provide high-quality educational development for those throughout West Virginia. Here facilitators will find evaluation forms and resources to assist in training.

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The West Virginia Division of Forestry is committed to protecting, nurturing, sustaining, and promoting the wise utilization of our state’s forest resources.


Established in 1909, as a declaration of the state government for the need of forest protection and research, the West Virginia Division of Forestry protects and conserves the state’s forest resources.