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Reforestation in West Virginia


The WV Tree Farm Committee is “going online” this year with their annual regional education seminars. Three online seminars with five different speakers at each event are scheduled for April 21 (morning), April 22 (morning), and April 23 (evening).

These seminars are a collaboration with WVFA, WV Division of Forestry, WVU Extension Service, and the agencies, organizations, and companies represented by the fifteen speakers. Each of the seminars have been assigned 2.5 SAF Category 1 CFEs.

To register for these events or to see the agendas, go to the WV Woodland Stewards page ( The registration links are in the “Websites and map” line.

Registration is free and open to everyone, but each seminar requires registration. Contact Dave McGill ( for more information or if you cannot find the link.

WV Tree Farm Regional Online Meetings – Registration Required

April 21—Tuesday morning (9-12pm)


WV Tree Farm Regional Online Meetings – Registration Required

April 22—Wednesday morning (9-12pm)


WV Tree Farm Regional Online Meetings – Registration Required

April 23—Thursday evening (6-9pm)


WV Tree Farm Regional Online Meetings – Registration Required

May 5—Tuesday morning (9a-12p)

Our forests will only serve us well as long as we serve them first. Deforestation throughout the past two centuries has brought increased erosion issues, wildlife danger, lower air quality and global environmental changes.

We seek to change the tide of our footprint on our forests by providing resources, opportunity and assistance to reforestation efforts throughout the state.

One of the greatest avenues for accomplishing our reforestation efforts, has come through the Clements State Tree Nursery in Mason County, WV.

Cultivated on property once owned by the grandparents of Mark Twain, the Clements Nursery produces millions of bare-root seedlings every year. Each tree species chosen is either native to West Virginia or genetically suitable for success in West Virginia and surrounding states.


The Clements State Tree Nursery is owned and operated by the West Virginia Division of Forestry as the state’s only forest tree nursery.

The Nursery provides seedlings for reforestation, coal mine reclamation, Christmas tree production and wildlife protection and cover.

These efforts help increase the stability of West Virginia wildlife, provide erosion control which directly affects our watershed health, improve air quality, and plan for a future with forests.

The Nursery grows only trees – both native and introduced species – that are proven to grow and prosper in West Virginia’s forests.

West Columbia, W.Va.
Rt. 62 – 11 miles north of Point Pleasant

How to Order

Ordering Seedlings

Landowners may order seedlings from September 1 to April. Shipping begins the week of Thanksgiving and continues through April (weather permitting).

Seedlings are packaged in quantities of 25, perfect for planting on large plots of land or sharing with friends and neighbors. We have enough product to meet every landowner’s needs.

Types of Seedlings

Hardwood seedlings grown at the nursery include hickory, walnut and several species of oak. The nursery also grows West Virginia’s state tree, the sugar maple.

Evergreen species include white, Scotch and red pine, Norway spruce and Douglas fir.

Current Inventory

The Clements State Tree Nursery provides a variety of seedlings for landowners to purchase. Find out here what current species are being grown and sold.

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The West Virginia Division of Forestry is committed to protecting, nurturing, sustaining, and promoting the wise utilization of our state’s forest resources.


Established in 1909, as a declaration of the state government for the need of forest protection and research, the West Virginia Division of Forestry protects and conserves the state’s forest resources.