Water Quality

Water Quality and Logging Sediment Control Act

Water quality and the Logging Sediment Control Act (LSCA) ensure the water we use is clean. Approximately 1.8 million West Virginians rely on clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing, swimming and fishing to name a few. To help ensure your water quality is safe before, during and after a logging operation, the West Virginia Legislature passed the Logging Sediment Control Act in 1992 (19-1B).

This law sets guidelines for logging companies to use when timbering. Part of the Act states logging operations be registered and supervised by individuals who have completed Division of Forestry certification program. The law also requires loggers to follow Best Management Practices (BMPs) that prevents useless soil erosion or run-off that could potentially cause problems in nearby ponds, streams, rivers or other bodies of water.

What You Can Do

You as a citizen can do your part to ensure logging jobs and your water continues to be safe. If you or someone you know is planning on harvesting timber, please check to make sure the logging company you use is licensed to complete timbering operations in West Virginia.

By using a properly licensed timber operator AND a certified logger, you know the workers will use BMPs that reduce both soil erosion and water pollution.


Licensed Timber Operators

Licensed Certified Loggers


Learn more about the Logging Sediment Control Act.

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